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Pittsburg Mulch & More is a family owned business that has been operating for more than 40 years. The company manufactures and delivers wholesale mulch and gravel products throughout New England, with a main yard located in Pittsburg, NH.

Their mission is to provide prompt, dependable, and courteous service to each and every one of their customers. They pride themselves on integrity, competitive pricing, and superior customer service. Whether a home builder, residential or commercial construction company, or residential customer, everyone can expect the same amazing service for their individual needs.

Not only do they have a large variety of mulch and gravel products, they are also very diligent in having a great service department that will deliver in a timely and professional manner. Pittsburg Mulch & More prides itself on high-quality products and services and can handle any small or large job.

Please let us help you with all of your construction and landscaping needs!


10 Amey Drive Pittsburg New Hampshire

Phone: 603-538-6913

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